Research and career prizes awarded at Congress of the Portuguese Committee of URSI - prize awarded in the 4th Congress

The Portuguese Committee of URSI career prize and the URSI Portugal research prize have been awarded. The prizes were given out by the Chairman of ANACOM's Management Board, José Amado da Silva, during a ceremony taking place as part of today's closing of the 4th Congress of the Portuguese Committee of URSI.

The career prize, which aims to distinguish an individual who has contributed to the advancement of radio science in Portugal, was awarded to Joaquim Patrício, a 89 year old training engineer who began working with radio in 1948 and has had a long and distinguished career. The decision to bestow this honour was taken unanimously by the Portuguese Committee of URSI.

Meanwhile, the research prize was awarded for the work UHF RFID Reader Antennas for Self-confined Tag Detection, authored by Carla R. Medeiros of Instituto de Telecomunicações, selected from among four entries. Valued at five thousand euros, this prize aims to stimulate creativity and rigour in scientific research work in Portugal.