ANACOM and DECO sign protocol for digital terrestrial television

ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações, as the body responsible for coordinating digital terrestrial television, and DECO - Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection) have signed a protocol under which the association commits itself to carrying out ongoing comparative tests on DTT decoders which have appeared on the market.

With these comparative studies, which update the results of the tests already performed by DECO and which are to be published in the magazine Proteste de Setembro, the aim is to provide information to consumers on the set top boxes available on the market, their price, quality and functionality. As a result, consumers will have access to complete information and will be able to buy the box which is best suited to their needs.

The results of the tests will be published on the website www.deco.proteste.pt, and will also be made accessible from ANACOM's website - www.anacom.pt

Under the terms of the protocol, the studies will begin next month, November, and last 18 months. DECO will make un updated list available on a bimonthly basis of set top boxes available on the market, their prices, technical characteristics and places of sale.

The protocol will be valid until 26 April 2012, the date established for the switch off of analogue television in Portugal, and comprises a set of measures designed to raise awareness among the population with regard to the process of migration to digital television.

The digital terrestrial television network currently covers around 86% of the national population and enables a service with better image and audio quality. It also enables transmission in high definition and new features such as the electronic programming guide.