Prices of postal services in Portugal compare favourably with the rest of EU

ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações has conducted a study on postal services receiving most use and included within the scope of the universal service (US), ensured by the universal service providers (USP). Specifically, the study focused on the prices of such services in each of the European Union’s Member States in 2010.

From the analysis, it is found that in 2010, and in local currency terms, eleven countries made no change to the prices of the services considered. Two countries – Finland and Lithuania – reduced the prices of certain services, while the other countries increased prices.

The compiled data leads to the conclusion that the average prices of postal services increased in 2010 and in all Member States, both in terms of euros and in terms of purchasing power parity. The increase in the average over the previous year was greater for priority intra-community mail and less for parcels. In Portugal there was no increase in prices, except for the price of the national parcels service.

In the case of Portugal, it can be seen that the prices of priority national mail up to 20g, of non-priority national mail up to 20g, of cross-border intra-community priority mail up to 20g and of national parcels up to 2kg have been maintained below the European Union average. With respect to cross-border intra-community non-priority mail up to 20g,  in 2010 the price was reported at 3% above the EU average and 6% below the EU15 average, a situation which is reversed when purchasing power parity is considered, in which case the price is 7% below the EU average and 23% above the EU15 average.