TDT - DECO releases results of new tests to signal decoders

Within the scope of the protocol signed between ANACOM and DECO - Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection), DECO released the results of the comparative tests of the new set-top boxes for digital terrestrial television (DTT), now covering 29 equipments versus the 16 previously tested.

According to the tests carried out the performance and the price of decoders vary widely, however the picture is of good quality in all of them even when connected to conventional TVs (CRT). The right choice was attributed to Denver DMB decoder-105HD and Televes 7151 was considered the best test. There are five equipments not recommended by DECO, especially due to its high energy consumption in standby time: between 10.2 W (CGV Premio HD-W) and 17.4 W (Univers by FTE U6000) when the limit set by the European Commission is 2 Watts for standby consumption on equipment for sale after January 2010.

New tests will be conducted on performance and cost of decoders for DTT until the end of the current analogue television transmissions (switch-off) scheduled for 26 April 2012.

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