ANACOM improves interaction of its website

ANACOM has recently released a set of tools allowing faster and more efficient interaction with its website by the most demanding users, thus improving the user experience and utilization of published information. Some of these features - now concentrated in all the pages between the title and the development of each content - have undergone redesigning, while retaining the previous technical characteristics.

In order of appearance in the pages of the site (from left to right), there is the option "View / Hide menu" allowing more flexible browsing experience and information consultation. The "Audio" lets you listen to the content on demand, or alternatively, burn it to a playback device (MP3 or otherwise).

This is followed by the option "Tools", within which there are several utilities: convert to PDF, quote published information, print, send, subscribe via customizing, subscribe via RSS, show metadata, show tags, view statistics access, question and navigation form.

In the option "Share" users can choose from several social networks to share content. There is also an option to access the Portuguese and English content versions, as well as the possibility to zoom in or zoom out the text.

Full use of the tools is possible from all browsers, only the earlier versions of Internet Explorer 7 will inhibit some graphic aspects of these features.


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