Europe 2020 - Consultation on funding infrastructure

The European Commission (EC) launched a public consultation, running until 2 May 2011, on the "Europe 2020 Project Bond Initiative", which aims at boosting the funding of projects with long term revenue potential within the Europe 2020 policy priorities.

The EC estimates that over the next decade, volumes of record investment will be needed, 1.5 to 2 trillion euros, in transport, energy and information and communication networks. Gven the budgetary constraints that Governments face, it is crucial to attract the private sector to the financing of infrastructure projects. The "Europe 2020 Bond Project Initiative" aims to provide support to the private sector promoting these projects, through the issuance of bonds to specifically finance infrastructure projects. The key role of the Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) will be to absorb some of the risk associated with a particular project.

A conference is planned for 11 April 2011, sponsored by the EC and the EIB on "Europe 2020 Bond Project Initiative" that will contribute to the consultation process.

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