Electronic signature and identification - EC consultation

The European Commission (EC) launched a public consultation on electronic signatures and electronic identification (eID) and authentication, aiming to get suggestions on how those resources can help the development of the European Digital Single Market. Interested parties may express their views until 15 April.

The EC considers that this consultation can contribute to find solutions to the problem of low levels of consumer confidence and business transactions online, factor holding back the development of secure, trustworthy and easy-to-use online. The results of this consultation will feed into the Commission's review of the existing eSignature Directive and the preparation of a planned initiative on the mutual recognition of electronic identification and authentication.

This initiative of the EC falls within the objectives defined in the Digital Agenda for Europe, in boosting e-commerce and making it easier to undertake administrative procedures in the European Single Market.

The Digital Agenda also includes the development of an initiative on mutual recognition of electronic identification and authentication. In this sense, the EC is already supporting a large-scale pilot project called "STORK" (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed) to enable cross-border recognition of eID systems and facilitate access to public services in 18 European countries.

Further information:

  • STORK https://www.eid-stork.eu/