29th ANACOM Seminar: Regulatory Remedies to mitigate asymmetric VAT-Exemptions

21.03.2011 SANA Malhoa Hotel, Lisboa

Updated on 22.03.2011
Organizer: ANACOM

Asymmetric value added tax (VAT) exemptions for universal service providers (USP) have a series of distorting effects on competition. Based on the findings on the competitive and welfare effects of such exemptions of Dietl, Jaag, Lang, Lutzenberger and Trinkner (2011) 1, it will de outlined whether price regulation or compensation of the universal service obligation (USO) are suitable regulatory remedies to compensate for the detected competitive effects of VAT exemptions.

In line with Jaag (2010) it is concluded that the net cost concept as foreseen in Directive 2008/6/EC will mitigate some of the effects of asymmetric VAT treatment. Thereby, it will be important to consider a global approach to the net cost calculation as suggested by Jaag, Koller and Trinkner (2009) 2.

The VAT exemption is then to be treated as a benefit of the USO that is to be included in the (global) net cost calculation. Secondly, as shown by Jaag and Trinkner (2011) 3, it will be of great importance to include the financing mechanism into the net cost calculation in order to avoid under or over-compensation of the USP. 4

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4 This text was written by the speaker and fall under his responsibility.

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Urs Trinkner
Faculty of Economics, University of Zurich
Senior Research Associate and lecturer
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