Universal Postal Service Quality Convention - CTT deduct records

ANACOM decided by resolution of February 25, 2011 to grant the request made by CTT – Correios de Portugal, S.A., for the deduction of records of priority and non-priority mail directly affected by the effects of the general strike of 24 November 2010, for the purpose of calculating Quality of Service Indicators (IQS) defined in the Universal Postal Service Quality Convention, of 10 July 2008.

This deduction only concerns mailings made during the following periods:

  • national flows of regular mail sent from 22 to 24 November (inclusive);
  • mainland flows of priority mail sent from 23 to 24 de November;
  • CAM priority mail sent from 22 to 24 November (inclusive), (flows referring to deliveries between the two Autonomous Regions, Azores and Madeira).