EC publishes Communication on net neutrality and the openness of the Internet in Europe

The European Commission (EC) reaffirmed its commitment to ensure open Internet in Europe, underpinned by the principles of net neutrality, accessible to all citizens and businesses. In the Communication "The open internet and net neutrality in Europe", the EC considers that the rules on the switch of operator, transparency  and quality of services included in the review of the Community framework for electronic communications, due to enter into force on 25 May 2011, should contribute to achieving practical results in the matter.

The Commission also announced that, it has asked the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) to undertake an assessment of crucial issues to ensure an open and neutral Internet, including barriers to changing operators, blocking or throttling Internet traffic (e.g. voice over Internet services), transparency and quality of service, as well as matters relating to competitive network neutrality (e.g. discriminatory practices by a dominant operator). BEREC's investigation results will be published until the end of 2011, including any situations of blocking or throttling certain types of traffic.  If BEREC´s finding and other information, particularly on the rules taking effect on 25 May, indicate that problems persist, the EC will assess the need to adopt more stringent measures.

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