ANACOM repudiates the use of the end of analogue television as an argument to sell pay TV services

Following an inspection campaign carried out in Alenquer to assess the existence of decoder boxes for sale in shops in that area, due to the shutdown of analogue television happening on 12 of May, this Authority observed the existence of some ZON mobile kiosks with advertising alluding to the shutdown of the analogue signal and highlighting its paid products available only for Alenquer, as a way to continue watching television.

An action likely to mislead the public who may believe that only by subscribing to those products they will be assured to continue watching television. ANACOM strongly repudiates this way of proceeding, ethically reprehensible, and will take firm action within its powers against such behavior, which introduces disturbing elements to a very sensitive and import process to the population. This action is detrimental to the interests of the people who will have to bear the payment of a product and of services they do not require, as reception of digital terrestrial television is free.

The transition to digital terrestrial television in Alenquer, planned for 12 of May, does not require subscription to pay TV services.

People will not have to bear any monthly charges in order to be able to continue watching television after the shutdown. They simply need a TV set compatible with standard MPG4 or, If not compatible, they need to purchase a decoder compatible with that standard, and connect it to the TV set, even in the case of older models.