ANACOM launches COM.escolha

Almost six years after the launch of its price comparison tool for mobile communications, from today, ANACOM is offering the public a new service - COM.escolha - a tool that will help consumers choose the electronic communications services that are best suited to their needs.

With COM.escolha, users can consult pricing offers and simulate Internet, mobile phone, fixed telephone and television consumption. The query simulation operations can cover more than one service, enabling customers to build tailor-made bundles of different services.

Designed exclusively for private and/or residential customers, the tool is easy to use and is based on two common approaches to all services/bundles: you can choose to consult tariffs available in the market or by simulating your habitual consumption. In this case, the user is asked to enter some data on their consumption profile.

The information provided remains the responsibility of service providers, with ANACOM providing the technology supporting the service and the graphics tool that can now be used by all interested members of the public.

To make an informed choice, users should obtain additional information about the conditions associated with the tariffs available on COM.escolha, including quality of service, loyalty periods for locking equipment, where applicable, maintenance conditions and portability costs. This information is available on the websites of the providers and at their sales outlets.

COM.escolha is already available in a graphic version and text version. A mobile version will be launched soon, specifically designed for those wanting to access the tool using their mobile phone/Smartphone.

COM.escolha does not include information about:

  • occasional promotions and additional discounts, other than those provided only during the loyalty period;

  • prices of communications (calls and messages) to international numbers;

  • tariffs for consumption of calls, messages and Internet while abroad (roaming);

  • portability costs (switching operator while keeping the same number) and prices charged for installation, reinstallation and removal;

  • in the case of the fixed telephone service and mobile telephone service, COM.escolha only makes information available on the prices of national calls and messages to mobile numbers, geographic numbers (starting with two) and numbers of the 30 range, applying prices, in the latter case, which are identical to those charged for communications to geographic numbers. Therefore, communications addressed to the following numbers are not covered:

"1" - Short numbers (e.g., information services and public utility numbers);

"6" - Audiotext Services, message-based value-added services, access to data networks, etc.;

"7" - Private voice networks, non-publicly available private networks, universal access, premium-rate utility service, flat-rate call services and inter-operator forwarding;

"8" Service - toll-free call services, shared cost call services, virtual calling card, personal number services.

It is ANACOM's intention that COM.escolha will evolve in order to adapt to the needs of its users. To guide its development, users are given a means to submit their own suggestions and comments.

In addition, a virtual assistant is available - "A ANACOM responde" - which can help users on topics as varied as the purpose of the tool, instructions for its use or the updating of data.


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