FPC Living Lab

FPC - Fundação Portuguesa de Comunicações (Portuguese Communications Foundation) has today, 1 June 2011, inaugurated its first technological residence of research and development - the FPC Living Lab.

Based on the concept of environmental intelligence, the residence is designed for the research and development of products and services related to information and communication technologies, using a creative and operational think tank comprising researchers, companies and users.

Over a period of one year, four researchers will work at the Foundation in the following areas of development:

  • Creation of 3D stereoscopic content, holography, graphic modelling and immersive visualization processes;

  • Production of interactive applications with enhanced reality and video-mapping;

  • Development of solutions using cloud computing for distance learning;

  • Functional analysis and design of interfaces, Flexy Office systems and management multi-platform applications.

The Living Lab is also a living showcase.  Visitors can take a guided tour of the space, they can test and use the solutions that have been developed and enjoy the fact that it is a centre of creative talent in several areas of knowledge.

Further information:

  • FPC Living Lab http://www.fpc.pt/FPCWeb/displayconteudo.do2?numero=22193