ANACOM's Testing and Calibration Laboratory awarded Flexible Accreditation

On 20 April 2011, ANACOM's Testing and Calibration Laboratory (LEC - Laboratório de Ensaios e Calibração) became the first electrics laboratory in Portugal to be granted Flexible Accreditation by IPAC - Instituto Português de Acreditação (Portuguese Accreditation Institute). As well as being a pioneer, the LEC has become a model to be followed by other laboratories working in the same area.

Flexible Accreditation provides accredited laboratories with the opportunity to exercise their technical competence in a more efficient manner without being tied to a fixed set of tests. The accreditation recognises the capability of ANACOM's laboratory to establish its own list of accredited tests, to implement standardised methods and, after technical validation, to add them to this list, subject to subsequent auditing by IPAC.