Electronic communication services - Use by small and medium-sized enterprises in 2010

ANACOM has released a report with the main results of latest survey into the consumption of electronic communications services, undertaken to assess the levels of usage and the perception of Portuguese small and medium-sized enterprises as to the quality of these services in Portugal. The survey was conducted by ANACOM with the company GfK Metris, between 20 October and 16 December 2010.

According to the compiled information, 90.3% of these companies had the fixed telephone service (FTS) and 81.8% had the mobile telephone service (MTS) as of December 2010. Compared to 2007, the values associated with the FTS have declined by around 5.5 percentage points, whereas MTS penetration has increased by 10 points.

The fixed Internet access service (FIAS) was in use by 71% of the surveyed companies, whereas a third had the mobile Internet service (MIAS). The penetration rate of the subscription TV service (TV) was reported at 13.1%.

The simultaneous use of the fixed telephone, mobile telephone and Internet access (fixed and/or mobile) services was reported in 52% of the companies, in line with the previous survey.

At the end of 2010, around 31% of the surveyed companies had FTS, MTS and FIAS simultaneously, whereas 21% used these services and also the mobile Internet. However, around 37.4% of the companies surveyed subscribed to a bundle of services (multiple play). This figure is more than double the value reported at the end of 2007.

In most sectors, penetration of the telephone service at a fixed location exceeds 90 percent. The exception is the Construction subsector, where this service has less than 70 percent penetration, with fixed Internet reported at rates that are significantly lower. In contrast, when it comes to the mobile telephone service, the Construction subsector has the highest penetration rate (91.2 percent).

Compared to penetration of electronic communications among micro-companies, penetration among small and medium-sized companies is higher for all of the services, especially for Internet access services.

The main problem of the electronic communications services market, as identified by its business consumers, is that it is "too expensive". This was also the main problem cited in 2007, although the percentage of surveyed companies is significantly higher.