Conference Preparatory Group (CPG PTD) meeting - Maisons-Alfort

The 11th meeting of the CPG PTD group was held last 26-29 April in Maisons-Alfort, France, chaired by Steve Bond of the United Kingdom. In CEPT, the CPG PTD is the body in charge of preparing points 1.5 (ENG), 1.7 (MSS in 1525-1559 MHz and 1626.5-1669.5 MHz and studies of spectrum availability for AMS(R)S), 1.8 (SF above 71 GHz), 1.17 (790-862 MHz), 1.18 (issues associated to the Galileo system), 1.20 (HAPS) and 1.25 (MSS-associated issues) on the agenda of the 2012 World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC-12).

Given the closeness of WRC-12, scheduled to run from 23 January to 17 February 2012 in Geneva, efforts were made during the meeting to reach a consensus about the number of points to be discussed. It was thus possible to prepare for submission to the next CPG group meeting the following set of European Common Proposals (ECPs):

  • AI 1.5 (ENG): ECP showing support for method C (development of ITU-R Recommendation/Report with a view to harmonising ENG tuning ranges, without impacting the Radio Regulation);

  • AI 1.17 (790-862 MHz): ECP reflecting questions A (mobile vs. broadcasting) and C (mobile vs. fixed). Note that the A1 method still has two options - I (unnecessary additional agreements that reflect the potential impact of mobiles’ cumulative effect) and II (optional additional agreements that reflect the potential impact of mobiles’ cumulative effect). The CPG will be asked to make a decision on the option to follow regarding question A;

  • AI 1.20: ECP reflecting CEPT's support of method A (NOC) regarding spectrum identification for gateway links to high altitude platforms in 5850-7075 MHz for fixed and mobile;

  • AI 1.25: ECP to not change the RR with respect to possible new MSS allocations, particularly in 4 GHz and 16 GHz.

The next CPG PTD group meeting is scheduled for this coming September. As it will be the last meeting before WRC-12, efforts will have to be doubled to reach consensus in CEPT regarding the various points that remained open after this meeting.