BEREC Board of Regulators meeting - Porto

The BEREC Board of Regulators (BoR) held a meeting last 26-27 May in Porto. The meeting saw presentation of the proposed BEREC activities report for 2010; the administrative manager also provided information about the process of installing the Office, specifically the hiring process.

The expert working groups (EWGs) reported on the status of ongoing work: EWG Remedies presented a proposal for monitoring common broadband positions as well as the current situation regarding non-discrimination and the cost of non-Europe; EWG Roaming presented the roaming data collection and the conformity report; EWG Framework debated BEREC's participation in article 7 procedures and inclusion of the BEREC Regulations in the EEA Agreement; the EWG on Convergence and Economic Analysis presented a report on aspects of broadband commercialisation; EWG BEREC-RSPG Co-operation; EWG End Users debated the proposed Commission recommendation on universal service and broadband promotion; EWG Benchmarking presented the report on mobile termination rates (MTR) and presented a report on the questionnaire regarding fixed termination rates (FTS). Lastly, the response to send the Commission regarding its questionnaire on net neutrality and switching was discussed.