International Activity - updated information


See updated information on the latest meetings that ANACOM has attended:


European Union:

BEREC Contact Network meeting - Luxembourg

EC Communications Committee meeting - Brussels

BEREC Board of Regulators meeting - Porto

BEREC Management Committee meeting - Porto

Meeting on "competition issues related to net neutrality" - Barcelona

PT BEREC-RSPG meeting – Brussels

European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations:

Conference Preparatory Group (CPG PTD) meeting - Maisons-Alfort

7th meeting of PT 47 of WG FM - Copenhagen

Frequency Management working group meeting - Miesbach

4th meeting of the ECO Council of Administration - Berlin

WG RA meeting - Paris

European Committee for Postal Regulation meeting - Dublin

Committee for ITU Policy (Com-ITU) meeting - Cluj

2nd meeting of WG NaN - Athens

European Satellite Telecommunications Organization:

EUTELSAT Assembly of Parties - Paris

Independent Regulators Group:

IRG Contact Network meeting - Luxembourg

IRG Plenary meeting - Porto

Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Compliance Association:

22nd meeting of R&TTE CA - Lyon

International Telecommunication Union:

Financial Regulations working group - Geneva

Meeting of the ad hoc working group on Telecom events - Geneva 

Meeting of working group on Implementation of WSIS Outcomes - Geneva

Universal Postal Union:

Postal Operations Council meeting - Berne