Meeting of the ITU Policy Committee (Com-ITU) - Lisbon

The CEPT Committee in charge of co-ordinating European participation in ITU activities (Com-ITU) met last 6-8 September in Lisbon.

At this meeting, and in the scope of European co-ordination of the International Telecommunication Regulation (ITR) review process, Portugal led the work of a drafting group. Its aim was to prepare CEPT’s contribution for the upcoming 27-30 September meeting of the ITU Council working group in Geneva.

The group therefore completed the document, though it must be stressed that there are several different viewpoints in CEPT regarding what is intended for the new version of the ITRs. It was also very notable that the CEPT members are still unsure how to react to the different proposals from the various regions submitted to the ITU.

Portugal indicated its readiness to present a candidate for the Group on Human Capacity-Building Initiatives. This group is being implemented per a WTDC-10 resolution and is meant to help ensure successful application of ITU capacity-building activities. It will be composed of two experts from each of the six regions.

This meeting also served to prepare for the 2011 Council session. In this regard, and as usual, financial questions were especially important. Other issues debated included the presentation of CEPT candidates for the ITU Independent Management Advisory Committee (IMAC). It was reported that the candidacies of a German citizen and a Swiss citizen had been submitted.

Also noteworthy were preparations for the World Telecommunications Standardisation Assembly (WTSA-12). Particularly important regarding this agenda point was the discussion on reorganising the ITU Standardisation Sector, specifically organisation of the study groups and their leadership.

The next Com-ITU meeting has been scheduled for this coming 29 November-1 December.