37th Assembly of Parties - May 2011

The Assembly of Parties (AP) of the European Telecommunications Satellite Organisation (EUTELSAT IGO) met last 11-12 May in Paris, where it marked the tenth anniversary of its reorganisation process and consequently its existence in the current terms.

One of the Assembly’s main agenda points concerned monitoring developments linked to alleged deliberate interference with Eutelsat S.A. satellite functions, originating in Iran. The AP noted the decision of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Radio Regulation Board to favour the path of consensus and co-operation, urging the parties involved to hold co-ordination meetings in order to reach a satisfactory solution. The AP also agreed that since this process is now under way the position of EUTELSAT IGO should be neutral, expressing concern but not taking a critical stand. 

The AP also adopted a procedure that regulates the appointment and reappointment of the EUTELSAT executive secretary. Portugal was one of the parties that took part in discussion of this procedure, suggesting several measures to improve the functioning and transparency of this international organisation.

The Assembly was informed of the Secretariat’s activities since the last AP two years ago, received the final report from the Advisory Committee to the AP and noted the operator’s compliance with the basic principles. It also approved the budgets for financial years July 2011-June 2012 and July 2012-June 2013 and endorsed continuing to work with the current external auditors (Ernst & Young).

The AP nominated the new Advisory Committee, which will comprise the following Parties: Croatia, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

Portugal, which was part of the Advisory Committee, decided not to bid for a new term, to respect the rotation principle, and therefore requested the entrance of a new member, Croatia. The executive secretary used the occasion to acknowledge and thank Portugal for its commitment and active participation in the Committee.

The next AP has been scheduled for 15-16 May 2013.