"TDT Notícias" to be distributed nationally

/ Updated on 07.07.2011

From 4 to 6 July 2011, ANACOM will be distributing "TDT Notícias" (DTT News) throughout Portugal, giving people information about the process of switching over to digital terrestrial television (DTT). "TDT Notícias" is a free publication produced by ANACOM, and its nationwide distribution follows up on steps taken locally (in Cacém) in May 2011. In the same week "TDT Notícias" will be featured in the magazines "TV 7 Dias" and "TV Guia", reaching thousands of readers.

Analogue television has already been switched off in Portugal in Alenquer and Cacém. These two places only have digital television, and on 13 October 2011, they will be joined by the area served by the Nazaré relay (also covering a number of parishes in Alcobaça).

On a national basis, the analogue television signal will start to be switched off on 12 January 2012. On this date all the relays and transmitters serving the coastal region will be switched off, and on 22 March, the relays and transmitters in the Azores and Madeira will be switched off.  Finally, on 26 April, analogue TV will be switched off in the rest of the country.


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