Poland takes over the EU presidency on 01.07.2011

Tomorrow (01 July 2011), Poland takes over the presidency of the European Union (EU) for a period of six months, thereby initiating the functions of a new trio presidency where Poland will be succeeded as president by Denmark (1st half of 2012) and by Cyprus (2nd half of 2012).

In sectorial terms, the Council's programme for the 18 months of this trio presidency establishes various objectives:

  • Continue implementation of the Digital Agenda, one of the seven flagship projects of the Europe 2020 strategy, aimed specifically at progressing towards the existence of a fully functioning single digital market;

  • Adopt the radio spectrum policy programme (RSPP), setting strategic guidelines for European spectrum policy, as well as the coordination of spectrum management in the context of the digital dividend in order to stimulate broadband growth in Europe;

  • Continue work on the future of the universal service (US) of electronic communications, taking into account the rights of users, based on the European Commission's evaluation of the need to review the respective obligations;

  • Continue work on accomplishing the swift adoption of the regulation to modernize the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA);

  • Review of the European regulation on roaming;

  • Support the development of cross-border e-Government services envisaging, in particular, discussion based on EC proposals, revision of the eSignature Directive which provides a legal framework to electronic signature (eID) and authentication, as well as the revision of the directive on the reuse of public sector information.

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