Postal services - Survey on consumption by the residential population in 2010

ANACOM has released the report with the main results of the latest survey on the use of postal services, carried out in order to gauge levels of use and the perception of residential users as regards the quality of these services in Portugal. This survey was conducted by ANACOM and TNS-Euroteste between 22 November and 22 December 2010.

The survey's main results highlight higher average satisfaction with the evolution of postal services, compared to 2008, with the survey reporting a decrease in the number of respondents who were not satisfied, alongside an increase in more satisfied respondents.

In terms of use of the postal network, it is estimated that about half of all Portuguese individuals aged 15 or over accessed permanent post offices during 2010, and the vast majority opted for branches located in their area of residence. Meanwhile, the vast majority of individuals aged 15 or over who did not use postal services (non-priority, priority, pre-paid and registered correspondence, parcels and express service) report that they "have no need to use this means of correspondence". This reason is more significant in terms of parcels (89.3 percent), as well as registered mail (88.8 percent) and express mail (82.4 percent).

Sending correspondence is the best known and most frequently used service in post offices and agencies, by around 46.3 per cent and 54.4 percent of surveyed users, respectively. Some less well known services include sending telegrams, post office boxes, sale of telephone calling cards and tickets to shows and events, money transfer and collection services, Internet access, sale of transport tickets and the SIGA service, with 95 percent of post office and postal agency users unaware (or not recalling) that such services existed.

Average satisfaction with post offices and postal agencies, on a scale from 1 to 10, is reported at 8.2 (compared to 7.8 in 2008). In line with the findings from 2008, the efficiency of mail delivery and the performance of service personnel continue to be the two aspects with the most positive effect on the overall quality of service, as perceived by users of post offices and postal agencies.

It was also found that the rate of complaints increased by 2 percentage points between 2008 and 2010, with 8.1 percent of users of post offices and postal agencies, aged 15 or over, making at least one complaint during 2010. Almost half of the claimants were not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint.

Overall, the postal services giving rise to greater satisfaction among its mail users are correio azul (priority mail), correio verde (pre-paid mail) and registered mail.