Quality of mobile communication networks and services – Alfa Pendular (High-speed train) service of CP (Portugal Railways)

ANACOM has released the latest evaluation report on the quality of mobile voice and video-telephony services and GSM and WCDMA network coverage, provided by the operators Optimus, TMN and Vodafone Portugal on the Alfa Pendular (High-speed train) service of CP (Portugal Railways) (Braga-Porto-Lisbon-Faro line)”, with field measurements taken from 5 to 21 April 2011.

The evaluation was carried out based on technical parameters which give a reflection of quality as perceived by the consumer. Specifically, six indicators were analysed: network coverage, service accessibility, call establishment time, call termination rates, call audio quality and call video quality.

The evaluation conducted by ANACOM shows that the performance of the analysed mobile communication systems on the Alfa Pendular (High-speed train) service of CP (Portugal Railways) is significantly lower than reported along the main roads of mainland Porgugal, particularly along the Lisbon-Faro section.

In general, GSM provided better coverage than WCDMA, and the voice service performed better than the video-telephone service. Finally pefofmrance was better along the Braga-Porto-Lisbon line than between Lisbon and Faro.