Biography note of Joost Vantomme

Photo of Joost Vantomme.

Joost is a lawyer with additional specialisation in regulatory law and economics. He currently holds the position of regulatory affairs director at bpost. He is also chairman of the European Affairs Committee of PostEurop dealing with regulatory, legal and political aspects affecting the European postal operators. Before his current regulatory function, he served bpost as deputy general counsel and senior counsel in competition law.

From 1993 to 2001, Joost has been a legal director of Belgacom, the Belgian incumbent telecommunications company. He has been in charge of legal and regulatory review of various pricing and product related matters in the retail and wholesale units, as well as the setting-up of subsidiaries in the field of internet and mobile communications. Joost’s experience in the area of liberalisation of the electronic communications market is instrumental for his current function.

Joost is also active on a more academical field where he is a frequent guestspeaker at university audiences as well as at policy conferences, complemented by the writing of articles on regulation.