New version of Troika memorandum released

Following the initial assessment of Portugal's compliance with the Financial Assistance Programme, a new version of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the Troika (International Monetary Fund - IMF, European Central Bank - ECB and European Commission - EC) was made public yesterday.

The updated MOU reflects the results of this first assessment and explains the need for additional measures that are considered necessary to meet the objectives of the Financial Assistance Programme.

With respect to the telecommunications and postal services sector, and maintaining the previously defined objectives (Increase competition in the market by lowering entry barriers; guarantee access to network/infrastructure; strengthen the power of the National Regulator Authority, ANACOM), the MoU includes the following measures:

Measure 5.16: Ensure implementation of Directive no. 2009/140/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009 [3rd quarter 2011]. This measure was accomplished with the publication of Law no. 52/2011 of 13 September.

Measure 5.17: Facilitate market-entry by lowering mobile termination rates (3rd quarter 2011] and by auctioning 'new' radio frequencies for broadband wireless access (i.e. auction of spectrum) [4th quarter 2011]

Measure 5.18 [new]: Implement a monitoring and enforcement mechanism to ensure the effective implementation of obligations related to the negotiation of fair and reasonable access to national roaming and agreements with mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), a matter which should be dealt with in the context of the auction [4th quarter 2011].

Measure 5.19 [new]: In the context of the radio spectrum auction,  review the current value of frequency usage fees, ensuring that they are objectively justified, transparent, non-discriminatory and proportionate to their purpose [4th quarter 2011].

Measure 5.20 [Previous 5.18]: With regard to the provision of the universal service, re-negotiate the concession contract with PT Comunicações and launch a new tender for designation of universal service provider(s), taking the principle of non-discrimination into account [4th quarter 2011].

Measure 5.21 [previous 5.19]: Adopt measures to increase competition in the fixed communications market by alleviating restrictions on mobility of consumers by (3rd quarter 2011) and reviewing barriers on entry [1st quarter 2012].

Measure 5.22 [previous 5.20]: Further liberalise the postal sector by transposing the Third Postal Directive ensuring that ANACOM's powers and independence are appropriate in view of its increased role in monitoring prices and costs [3rd quarter 2011].

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