Parcels buck declining trend in postal traffic

Total postal services traffic declined by 11.1 percent during 2nd quarter 2011 (2Q11) compared to the previous quarter, falling to around 262 million objects.  While a decline historically occurs between the first and second quarter of each year, compared to the same quarter of 2010, total traffic fell by 5.7 percent, indicating, an annual downward trend in postal traffic.

The reported variations are within the forecast range resulting from the historical trend and these seasonal effects.

Of the total number of objects distributed in 2Q11, 96 percent were destined for the domestic market, while the remaining 4 percent were destined for the international market.

Examining postal traffic by type of object, about 97 percent of postal traffic comprises correspondence (including direct mail and editorial mail).

Correspondence (including direct mail and editorial mail) fell by 11.5 percent in the quarter and by 6.1 per cent compared to 2nd quarter 2010, making up 97 percent of all postal traffic.  Meanwhile, parcels traffic increased by 7.3 percent over the previous quarter and by 8.3 year-on-year, representing only 2.6 percent of total traffic.

As at the end of the quarter, 21.4 percent of all postal items were covered by the liberalized area, decreasing by 7.1 percent compared to the previous quarter, in line with the seasonal trend reported in the second quarter of each year. On a year-on-year basis, the downward trend in this type of traffic also continued (with a decline of 5.5 per cent reported compared to the same quarter of 2010).

In 2Q11, 7 million of the approximately 56 million postal objects distributed under the liberalized regime were included in the express-mail category while the remaining 49 million were covered by non-express mail categories. The companies of Grupo CTT had a 37.9 percent share of express mail traffic and a 92.5 percent share of non-express mail.

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