Survey reveals that 99 percent of Nazaré households know about DTT

A survey conducted by Marktest in the area covered by the Nazaré relay shows that at the of September 90 percent of the respondents were ready to receive digital terrestrial television, while 5 percent intend to prepare before switch-off.

The analogue television signal will be switched off on 13 October, covering the civil parishes of Famalicão, Nazaré and Valado de Frades in the municipality of Nazaré, and the civil parishes of Alfeizerão and Cela in the municipality of Alcobaça.

Results of the survey also reveal that 99 percent of the respondents know or have heard about DTT. An equal number of respondents said to have an idea of when the blackout of the analogue television signal will occur, while 94 percent know the exact date of the switch-off, 13 of October.

Regarding the necessary changes to make the migration, 95 percent know that they need a television MPEG4 or a decoder.

In the civil parishes of Famalicão, in Nazaré, and Alfeizerão, in Alcobaça, the population will be receiving the TV signal via satellite. However, the survey reveals that only 30 percent of the residents in these parishes are aware that these areas will be covered by DTH. In the coming days, ANACOM will deliver to every household in these two parishes a letter alerting residents for this change in order to ensure that everyone migrates to DTT in good time.