SRD/MG meeting - Biel

The 53rd meeting of the Short Range Devices/Maintenance Group (SRD MG) was held last 7-9 September in Biel, Switzerland, chaired by Thomas Weber. SRD/MG is responsible for issues associated to short range devices, including the updating of Recommendation ERC/REC 70-03 and the response to the permanent mandate on short range devices with a view to updating the Commission decision on SRD. After termination of PT FM47 (Project Team Frequency Management 47), SRD MG became the group in charge of issues concerning ultra wide band (UWB) technology.

The main issues dealt with at this meeting were the revision of annexes 1, 5, 6 and 10 of ERC/REC 70-03, use of the 863-870 MHz band by SRD, revision of Decisions ERC/DEC/(01)17, ERC/DEC/(98)25 and ECC/DEC/(04)10, the request for spectrum for Medical Body Area Network Systems (MBANS), the determination of new UHF spectrum opportunities for SRD, RFID and Smart Meeting and Smart Grid Applications, possible problems derived from radar interference in the 76-77 GHz band, removal of reference to the 5 GHz band for WAS/RLAN in Recommendation 70-03, the questionnaire in 169 MHz consequent to the European Commission mandate and the request for spectrum for new wireless applications for industrial uses.

Regarding UWB technology, the group dealt with the responses received in the public consultation on specific UWB applications, specifically Recommendation ECC/REC/(11)10 on Location Tracking Application for Emergency Services (LAES) systems and Recommendation ECC/REC/(11)09 on Location Tracking Applications Type 2 (LT2) systems, as well as the revision of Decision ECC/DEC/(06)04 for generic UWB applications.