Report on Regulation, Supervision and Other Activities 2010

ANACOM has released its Annual Report on Regulation, Supervision and Other Activities with reference to 2010.

This document results from ANACOM's reorganisation of the reports which it publishes, based on past experience and feedback and given the evolution of regulatory conditions.

The new model combines two parts of ANACOM's activity, regulation and supervision, responding to the obligation set forth under article 26, point d) of its Statutes. Additionally, since it was considered that a separate report to cover ANACOM's other activities was not warranted, it was decided to add a third part to this report to cover these activities, avoiding unnecessary overlap and duplication.

The report's structure is divided into five major chapters: background, regulation, supervision, other activities and final conclusions.  The chapters on regulation, supervision and other activities have a high level of detail and follow the key strategic objectives set out in ANACOM's Management Plan 2010-2012.

ANACOM has also released the opinion issued by its Advisory Council in respect of this report, approved at its meeting of 7 October 2011 under statutory terms.


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