Amendment of right of use of frequencies granted to REPART - consultation

By determination of 10 November 2011, ANACOM has given approval to the draft decision to amend the right of use of frequencies granted to REPART to operate the mobile trunking service. The amendments under this draft decision relate to the discontinuation of use of the analogue system (MPT 1327) in the 450-470 MHz band and to a reduction in the scope of coverage obligations.

The draft decision determines that the amendment to the right of use of frequencies, as regards the use of the analogue system (MPT 1327), is effected in phases, as follows:

  • Discontinuation of the use of frequencies of the MPT 1327 system at  450-470 MHz, except in the case of 4 radio channels in this band, and return of the corresponding spectrum, effective 14 October 2011;

  • Complete discontinuation of the use of the frequencies in question, including the 4 channels indicated above, on 31 January 2012, with consequent return of the allocated spectrum.

As a result, the corresponding radio license of which REPART is holder will be amended, reducing its scope, also effective 14 October 2011.

This draft decision was submitted to the prior hearing of REPART under the terms of the Código de Procedimento Administrativo (Administrative Proceedings Code) and also to the general consultation procedure laid down by article 8 of Law no. 5/2004 of 10 February; under both procedures, interested parties are given 20 working days to respond. As such, comments should be received no later than 14 December 2011 and should be sent by email to

Once the consultation procedure has been concluded, responses received will be published on this website. Therefore, respondents should also send a non-confidential version of their response for publication on this website, with any items considered confidential removed.