Universal Service - Consultation report on the public payphone service

By determination of 7 July 2011, ANACOM has approved the report on the public consultation on the provision of the public payphone service within the scope of the universal service of telecommunications.

ANACOM has welcomed the high level of participation by operators and consumer organisations in the public consultation, as well as the general acceptance by respondents of the need to rationalise the provision of public payphones with a view to, as put forward in the consultation document, “a solution in which benefits for the population are optimised to ensure widespread access to telephone services, in light of the penetration of the telephone service provided at a fixed location and of the mobile telephone service, while avoiding excessive and unwarranted burden on consumers in general through a set of obligations which may not correspond to the actual need of the population targeted by these obligations”.

The comments received in the context of this procedure will enable ANACOM to consolidate its position on the need to review the current conditions associated with the provision of the universal service of public payphones which it plans to conduct in due course.