Communications from PTC to other operators - 2012 tariff

By determination of 25 November 2011, ANACOM has decided to declare that the proposed tariff applicable, as of 1 January 2012, to communications originating on the network of PT Comunicações (PTC) and with destination on the networks of other service providers is in compliance with applicable regulatory principles, especially as regards the obligations established pursuant to determination of 14 December 2004.

Having examined the proposal presented by PTC, ANACOM has concluded that:

  • The proposal for tariff group 1 is compliant with the applicable obligations insofar as it is identical to the tariff practiced by PTC for intra-network calls;
  • The average price of calls comprising tariff group 2, as proposed by PTC, is broadly in line with the average price which would result from application of the defined rule, and is even slightly lower.  As such, the tariff is in compliance with the applicable obligations.