CTT quality of service levels (2009)

Subsequent to the audit conducted by ANACOM with regard to the quality of service indicators and complaints of CTT in 2009, it was decided, by determination of 15 December 2011, to approve and publish the respective audit report. Approval was likewise given to a set of determinations and recommendations made with a view to improving the system used to monitor indicators of quality of service and CTT's system for processing complaints.

This decision is governed by Lei de Bases dos serviços postais (Basic Law for Postal Services - Law no. 102/99 of 26 July, as amended by Decree-Law no. 116/2003 of 12 June), pursuant to which ANACOM is bound to perform, in a manner that is independent from the universal service provider (CTT), oversight of the levels of quality of service actually provided, with the results giving basis to a report published at least on an annual basis. ANACOM is also responsible for ensuring that the company publishes information on the overall number of complaints it receives and how these complaints were handled, together with an annual report on the control of quality of service levels actually provided by CTT.