3rd meeting of WG NaN - Dublin

Dublin hosted last 9-10 November the third meeting of the Numbering and Networks working group (WG NaN), in which participating regulators debate issues of common interest concerning numbering and the impact of technological developments on regulation.

Highlights of this WG NaN meeting include the following:

  • The process of approving the draft of Decision ECC/DEC/(11)EE[1] and Recommendation ECC/REC/(11)07[2] (already submitted to public consultation) was suspended due to divergent responses regarding reservation of the entire 11X range. For this reason, it was decided to continue work with a view to proposing reservation of a subgroup of numbers beginning with 11x;
  • Decision ECC/DEC/(11)FF was approved. It revokes the (three) existing decisions on the European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS), given that the 3883 code was recovered by ITU-T. Plans call for this decision to be submitted for final approval at the ECC plenary meeting in December 2011;
  • The following documents were approved for the respective public consultation:
    • Draft ECC/REC(12)02 - Recommendation on Number Portability – Best Practices. Presents a set of good practices derived from experience acquired in countries where portability exists and which can be adopted as a way to improve portability implementation;
    • Draft ECC Report 178 - Open and Closed Dialling Plans. Presents an overview of concepts associated to numbering and dialling plans and the impact associated to closing the dialling plan as a measure to promote efficient numbering use.

The public consultations will be duly disclosed on the ECO website (ECC Public Consultationhttp://www.cept.org/ecc/tools-and-services/ecc-public-consultation). Eventual interested parties are asked to submit responses to same directly to the ECO contact point by 8 February 2012;

  • The document titled “Green Paper on Long Term Evolution in Numbering, Naming and Addressing – 2012-2022” was presented and debated. It contains the group’s view of the future of numbering, names and addresses over the next ten years, identifying when possible any impact on the role to be played by regulators and the group itself. This document will be revised and eventually disclosed; the holding of an associated workshop in 2012 is thus being considered.