58th ETSI General Assembly - Cannes

The 58th General Assembly (GA) of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) was held last 29-30 November in Cannes, France.

The General Assembly approved new memberships, including 17 full members and eight associate members. Note that six associates were expelled from the organisation for failing to pay dues. The numbers of members and contribution units have nevertheless registered positive growth, respectively totalling 739 and 3,387.

The elections chose members of the governing body for the period 2011-2014 (note that it henceforth includes a member from Portugal Telecom, Robalo de Almeida) and respective chairman (Jonas Sunborg), of the Financial Committee, for the 2011-2013 biennium, as well as the GA’s vice-chair in the users category (Klaus Yongden Tillmann).

The GA took note of the current situation of the 2011 budget, characterised by a positive result of 152,000 euros, and approved the 2012 budget as well as the values of various contribution units that remained unchanged compared to the previous year.

The GA also approved the document on ETSI’s long term strategy and the strategy for 2012, which had already been endorsed by the directors.

In the area of co-operation, the signing/renewal of a number of Memorandums of Understanding and Co-operation Agreements were specifically approved.

The next GA meeting has been scheduled for 20-21 March 2012 in Cannes.