Security breaches and integrity failures in electronic communications - consultation

By determination of 22 December 2011, ANACOM has approved the draft decision on the circumstances, format and procedure governing the requirements of reporting security breaches and integrity failures with significant impact on the operation of publicly available electronic communication networks and/or services. This draft decision also sets out the conditions by which ANACOM deems whether there is a public interest in the public disclosure of  this information and the content, means and schedule of this disclosure.

This draft decision has been submitted to the prior hearing of interested parties and to the general consultation procedure, both for a period of twenty working days. As such comments should be sent no later than 27 January 2012, by email to

Once the consultation procedure has been concluded, responses received will be published on this website. Therefore, respondents should also send a non-confidential version of their response for publication on this website, with any items considered confidential removed.