DTT switch-off

/ Updated on 06.06.2012

The plan for the termination of analogue terrestrial television broadcasts (switch-off plan - SOP), established three phases for the switch-offs:

  • first phase - 12.01.2012 (first stage), followed by four stages on 23.01.2012, 01.02.2012, 13.02.2012 and 23.02.2012;
  • second phase - 22.03.2012;
  • third phase - 26.04.2012.

In the first phase, the homes located in the municipalities in the coastal area of the mainland started receiving digital signals only between January 12 and February 23, 2012 (except homes with aerials pointed at the transmitters at Montejunto, Lousã, Marão and Monte da Virgem, which were only switched off on April 26, 2012).

The second phase occurred on March 22, 2012 for homes located in Madeira and the Azores.

Homes located in the more inland municipalities of mainland Portugal started receiving television transmissions in digital format only on April 26, 2012.