IRG Contact Network - Bratislava

The Slovakian capital Bratislava hosted last 5-6 May a meeting of the Contact Network of BEREC and the IRG. The following were the main issues considered:

  • results of the different groups’ work on net neutrality, particularly the research on traffic management and quality of service (QoS) guidelines;
  • conclusions regarding the latest article 7 phase II cases;
  • presentation on the BEREC and Office evaluation process;
  • results from the public consultation on the report concerning value-added services;
  • presentation of the “BEREC Report on Competitive Effects of NGA Co-investments” and results of the respective public consultation;
  • current situation of work undertaken by the experts working group (EWG) on Roaming, including information that the electronic procedure for approving the ninth roaming benchmark was under way and that public consultations on the guidelines should be launched in June;
  • the BEREC annual activities report for 2011 and the report on sector developments;
  • ANACOM presentation, in the scope of EWG Convergence and Economic Analysis activities, of the report on fixed-mobile substitution.

The European Commission provided information about reorganisation of the Directorate-General for Information Society (DGInfso), which on 1 July will switch to a new designation, DG Connect. The chairman also indicated that he had asked members to submit written comments about the responsibilities of national regulatory authorities (NRAs) with respect to a number of recent changes (CMT and OPTA) and measures taken due to the financial crisis.