Discount for retirees and pensioners within the universal service - clarification

By determination of 25 October 2012, ANACOM has approved the clarification as to the 50 percent discount available to retiree and pensioner subscribers within the scope of the universal service of electronic communications.

It is ANACOM's position that the new conditions established under "Tender 1 - Connection to a public communications network at a fixed location and publically available telephone services" substitute, en masse, the previous obligation to provide this discount as imposed on PT Comunicações (PTC) while provider of the universal service and as defined by determination of 17 May 2007.

As such, from the moment that provision of the universal service is engaged pursuant to the contract concluded under Universal Service Tender 1 (by PTC itself or by an alternative operator designated as universal service provider) the effects produced by the determination of 2007 shall lapse, even while ICP-ANACOM reserves the right to review the specific conditions laid down in WLRO with a view to verifying compliance with the obligations stemming from the analysis of the relevant market.


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