ANACOM - itSMF Portugal workshop on ''IT Standardisation - Security techniques''

19.12.2012 Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Lisboa

Updated on 27.12.2012
Organizer: ANACOM - itSMF Portugal

With the change in the regulatory framework for electronic communications, particularly with the introduction of article 13 of the Framework Directive (Transposed by Law no. 51/2011 of 13 September), ANACOM acquired new responsibilities with regard to the security of networks and communications services. Moreover, according to its statutes, it is an assigned responsibility of ANACOM to promote technical standardization in the field of electronic communications and related areas, in collaboration with other organizations.

It is in this context that ANACOM and itSMF Portugal - IT Service Management Forum - recently appointed by IPQ - Instituto Português da Qualidade (Portuguese Quality Institute) as standardization body in the area of information technologies - are organising the workshop on "IT Standardisation - Security techniques", to be held on 19 December 2012 at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (Portuguese Communications Foundation) Lisbon.

This initiative, which aims to raise awareness and promote good security practice supporting the goal of "defending the confidentiality of communications and guaranteeing protection of personal data and communications security", benefits from the participation of Edward Humphreys, a leading international expert in this field, representing the International Electrotechnical Commission.

The event will provide the reactivation of national technical committee 163 (TC 163), which will function as a mirror to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 - IT Security Techniques.

Further information:

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