Tenders for the selection of universal service provider(s) - information

Further to the publication of Administrative Rule No 318/2012, of 12 October, which approved the documents in the procedures for the selection of the provider or providers of the universal electronic communications service, ANACOM also published information on each of the three tenders on its website.

Given that new information is now available for 2011, it is now published, according to the following provisions of the universal service:

  • Connection to a public communications network at a fixed location and publicly available telephone services;
  • Provision of public pay-telephones;
  • Provision of a comprehensive directory and of a comprehensive telephone directory enquiry service.

It must be stressed that the net costs details are still to be audited by an independent body, pursuant to paragraph 3 of ANACOM's decision of 9 June 2011, and the information now published for 2011 already reflects in the estimates for the universal service net costs the decision taken by this Authority on 12 October 2012, on the clarification of the concept of ''unusually high access costs'' concerning unprofitable customers.

The published information was fully made available by the current universal service provider, PT Comunicações, S. A..