Call for papers

/ Updated on 04.10.2013

On 22 November 2013, the Portuguese Committee of URSI is hosting its seventh congress, on the theme ''An ocean without borders: technological challenges'', with the presentation of national and international papers and projects related to this theme.

The Congress is preceded by the launch of a call for papers on the central theme and the areas identified as scientific issues. The selected papers will be presented at the event and subsequently published on this website.

All interested parties are invited to submit original scientific papers on the following areas:

Central theme

''An ocean without borders: technological challenges''

Other scientific themes

1. Electromagnetic metrology
2. Fields and Waves: electromagnetic theory and applications
3. Radio systems and signal processing
4. Electronics and photonics
5. Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
6. Wave propagation and remote sensing
7. Ionospheric radio electricity and propagation
8. Plasma waves
9. Radioastronomy
10. Electromagnetics in biology and medicine

Scientific Committee

Chairs of the Scientific Committee of the Portuguese Committee of URSI:

  • Prof. Nuno Borges Carvalho
  • Prof. Afonso M. Barbosa
  • Prof. António Rodrigues
  • Prof. Leonel Sousa
  • Eng. José Pedro Borrego
  • Prof. José Carlos da Silva Neves
  • Cte. Eduardo Ludovico Bolas
  • Prof. Maria Emília Manso
  • Prof. Luís Cupido
  • Prof. Pais Clemente

Rules for submission of papers

Papers should be submitted no later than 13 October 2013, by email using the address in PDF format and using the IEEE template and identifying the thematic areas which are addressed.

Authors will be notified as to the acceptance of the work for oral presentation or poster session.

The official language of the Congress is Portuguese, although papers will also be accepted in English and Spanish.

Aiming to encourage the young authors, ANACOM sponsors the Best Student Paper Award, to reward the best article submitted by a portuguese student, who must be its first author and make an oral presentation during the Congress. Interested students must submit the article at the same time they express their intention to compete. ANACOM might ask for an academic certificate.

Unable to compete, simultaneously, at the Prix ANACOM - URSI Portugal and the Best Student Paper Award.

ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize

The Portuguese Committee of URSI, sponsored by ANACOM, will also award the ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize, constituted to reward the best research work in the area of radio electricity. The purpose of this prize is to stimulate creativity and rigor the scientific research work in Portugal.

Simultaneous entries to the ANACOM - URSI Portugal Prize and the Best Student Paper Award will not be accepted.

The 2013 Prize Regulation is available for consultation in the area of the Portuguese Committee of URSI on ANACOM's website.


PDF Prémio ANACOM – URSI Portugal


Submission of papers: 13.10.2013

Notification of authors: 18.10.2013

Seminar: 22.11.2013