Delegation of powers in respect of the universal service

Order no. 11382-B/2013 of the Minister of Economy and of Employment has been published in Diário da República (Official Journal) of 2 September, delegating powers to the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications, Paulo Sérgio Lopes Monteiro da Silva, to perform acts relating to the procedure to select the undertaking responsible for providing the universal service as entailing provision of a comprehensive directory and of a comprehensive telephone directory enquiry service.  The Order follows the decision of non-award taken by Order of 29 April 2013 of the Minister of Economy and of Employment, pursuant to the procedure limited by pre-qualification announced in Series II of Diário da República (Official Journal) of 12 October 2012 (no. 3958/2012). The powers delegated under the new Order include such powers as are required for the appointment of a panel to oversee the new procedure, approval of the contract texts and award of the contract.