Public telex, data and telegraph services discontinued on 31.01.2014

Resolution of Council of Ministers (RCM) no. 66-A/2013, as published in the Diário da República (Official Journal) on 18 October, determines the discontinuation of provision of the fixed telex, fixed switched data transmission and telegraph services as public services. As such, services will cease three months following the last day of the month in which the Resolution was published (i.e. from 31 January 2014). The obligation to compensate the negative operating margins, set out in article 21 of the Bases of the Public Telecommunications Service Concession, approved in annex to Decree-Law no. 31/2003 of 17 February, shall cease on this same date.

The Resolution calls on PT Comunicações (PTC), the current concessionaire of the public telecommunications service, to inform all customers and users of the fixed telex, switched data transmission and telegraph services as regards discontinuation of provision as public services.

The Resolution also requires ANACOM, as part of its responsibilities in providing assistance to the Government, to ensure this decision is properly publicised, specifically by announcing the decision on its website, as it is now doing.


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