5th meeting of ECC TG6 - Lyon

The fifth meeting of the working group on Long Term Vision for the UHF Broadcasting Band (ECC TG6) was held last 13-15 May in Lyon, France, attended by 60 participants, including representatives from various administrations, the European Communications Office (ECO) and organisations and companies. The group is chaired by ANACOM.

At its 36th meeting in March 2014 the ECC assigned a new task to TG6 concerning broadcasting plans in accordance with the 2006 Geneva agreement (GE06) in 700 MHz, bearing in mind the need to harmonise and publicise information about cross-border coordination in that band. The ECO coordinated the matter starting at the 4th ECC TG6 meeting in April 2014 and prepared a document for this TG6 meeting, which was considered and accordingly changed by the group. Discussion of the issue will continue; TG6 should report to the ECC in November 2014.

A notable result of the meeting is that the ECC's "working document towards ECC Report on Long Term Vision for the UHF broadcasting band", was completed within the original timing goals. The report will thus be submitted to the 37th ECC meeting in June 2014 so it can be approved for public consultation. Note that of the 13 scenarios set out in the report a decision was made to withdraw the one on public safety.

The next and last meeting of ECC TG6 is scheduled for October 2014, basically to analyse contributions received after the public consultation on this report.