Internet access - broadband use grows by 148.4%

/ Updated on 24.01.2008

In the second quarter of this year the number of customers who access the Internet using broadband increased by 148.4%, compared to the same period last year, according to latest released by the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM). The quarter on quarter change 21.1%.

This growth shows that the number of clients who access the Internet using broadband, including those who use cable access and ADSL has risen to 375 thousand. This represents 6.1% of all Internet access, while the remaining 93.9% is made up of dial up access, which grew by 6.5% between the first and the second quarters.

Overall, Internet subscriptions - including broadband and narrowband - grew to 6.16 million, giving a quarterly change of 7.3% and an annual change of 43.2%.

The rate of Internet use has reached 59.6 for every hundred people (it's possible that some people have more than one dial up subscription).

In the case of Broadband, 70% of clients use cable. The number of cable subscribers rose by 12.3% between the first and second quarters.

Even though ADSL still has a smaller slice of the Internet market, the number of users has been growing faster than cable.

In total ADSL access grew to 36 thousand during the second quarter, a rise of 47.1% on the first quarter.

Trends in Internet Access
  1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
Total Number of clients 172.698 645.146 2.110.828 3.459.640 5.165.057
Clients of Dial-up access u.a. u.a. 2.083.613 3.360.324 4.902.294
Clients of Dedicated access u.a. u.a. 2.061 2.709 3.272
Clients of ADSL access n.a. n.a. n.a. 2.886 52.005
Clients of Cable-modem access n.a. 297 25.154 93.721 207.486

u.a. - not available; n.a. - not applicable

Trends in Internet Access
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter
Total Number of clients 5.739.659 6.157.566
Clients of Dial-up access 5.426.986 5.779.763
Clients of Dedicated access 3.263 3.168
Clients of ADSL access 76.315 112.296
Clients of Cable-modem access 233.095 262.339