Fixed Telephone Service - Pre-Selection of provider launched on 1 July

/ Updated on 24.01.2002

As from 1 July, indirect access to the Fixed Telephone service will have a new function: pre-selection of provider. In terms of the liberalisation schedule, this function has been foreseen since last year. It increases the possibilities created by the call-by-call selection (10xy codes, as from 1 January 2000), and makes it possible for users not to dial selection codes when directing calls by indirect access providers.

Thus, there is a new element facilitating the relation between consumers and the new fixed network telecommunication services. This, in turn, strengthens market competitiveness.

Pre-selection of the provider is optional and at no extra cost to the user. Furthermore, it does not cancel the call-by-call selection function. Eligible calls will always be the same as those applicable to the call-by-call selection.

As from 1 July, interested users need only contact the provider of their choice and advise the latter of their wish to pre-select their telephone. The provider will then have to install an autodialler in the clients telephone.

As from that moment, whenever the user dials an eligible number (at the present time: interurban and international calls) without any 10xy code, the call will be provided by the customer's chosen provider.

As from 1 October, pre-selection will end this interim phase in the Oporto and Lisbon networks. This means it will no longer be necessary to install an autodialler. The change will be carried out on the telephone exchanges of the operators. As from that date, and for those clients whose numbers begin with 21 or 22, the procedure remains unchanged. To implement this function, you need only contact the provider of your choice to initiate the process. The pre-selection characteristics remain unchanged.

On that same date, calls made from a fixed network to a mobile network (fixed-mobile calls) will become eligible for indirect access, for both the call-by-call selection and for pre-selection.

On 15 November, the rest of Portugal will receive pre-selection in its definitive format (without the installation of autodiallers).