More customers receiving bundled services in 2nd quarter

The number of customers in Portugal receiving bundles of services continues to increase. In 2nd quarter 2014, the number of such customers increased by 2.5% to about 2.8 million subscribers. Versus a year ago, the number of customers has increased by 2.2%.

About 69 in every 100 private households had a multiple-play bundle in the period being reported (1.7 percentage points more than in the previous quarter and 6 percentage points more than in the same quarter of 2013). It is estimated that more than half of households (54 out of 100) have a triple/quadruple/quintuple-play bundle. These represent 79% of total bundled offers, and the most popular combination among residential customers is the triple-play bundle (50,3%). In the 2nd quarter, the quadruple-play bundle with mobile voice (fixed telephone service + mobile telephone service + fixed broadband + subscription television) became the second most popular combination among residential customers (17.1%), growing rapidly compared to the first quarter.

Average monthly revenue per double-play subscriber (fixed telephone service + subscription television) is 22.70 euros. Average monthly revenue per subscriber to triple/quadruple/quintuple-play bundles is 37.47 euros (an increase of 0.9% versus the same period of 2013).

In terms of number of subscribers, PT Comunicações (PTC) is the provider with the largest share of bundled services (44.4%), followed by Grupo NOS (38.8%), Vodafone (8.6%) and Cabovisão (8.1%).

In terms of revenues, Grupo NOS is the leading provider with 43.4% of total revenues, followed by PTC with 41.9%, Vodafone with 7.8% and Cabovisão with 6.8%.

Vodafone is the provider that has achieved the largest increase in its share of bundled services in recent quarters, both in terms of subscribers (with an increase of 4.3 percentage points compared to 2Q13) and in terms of revenues (with an increase of 3.7 percentage points compared to 2Q13). In 2Q14, Vodafone became the 3rd largest provider of bundled services (in terms of subscribers and revenues).