Notice of 11.06.1999

Ministério do Equipamento do Planeamento e da Administração do Território (Ministry of Equipment, Planning and Territorial Administration)

Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal


The Board of Directors of the Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal, meeting on 2 June 1999, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 30 and 21/2, both of the Decree-Law 415/98, of 31 December, deliberated:

1. To approve the main elements of the National Numbering Plan.

2. To make the information referred to in 1. available to all those interested, at the public information desks of the Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal, situated at Avenida José Malhoa, 12, 1099-017 Lisbon, between 9 and 16 hours, form Monday to Friday.

3. To make this information available on the ICP site www.icp.pt

11 June 1999. - The member of ANACOM's Board of Directors, A. Marques de Miranda.